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A Note from the Evans'

Families in this community are our greatest concern. Our commitment to you and your family is to provide sensible and affordable funeral service as we guide you through a difficult and often uncertain time. You and your family can feel at ease knowing you will be respectfully, discreetly, and clearly assisted throughout the funeral process. Our purpose is to dedicate our time creating a comfortable space for family and friends to gather, while celebrating a life lived.

Providing the Most Unique Services Available

On-site, Private Cremation Facility

In 2013, Evans Funeral Home invested in the first and only on-site crematory in Huron County. With foresight and aspiration to provide the most needed funeral services available to our community, the Evans' continue to respond to the needs of families with privileged direction and support.

As funeral professionals and community members, the Evans have:

The CANA Code of Ethics guides each CANA member - in the ownership and operation of their crematory -- to provide you with the best service possible.

CANA Code of Cremation Practice

In the practice of cremation, we believe:

Cremation Tribute Center

Although it is not common practice in our community today, the Evans have begun the necessary preparation in providing the opportunity for families to be present and/or participate in the cremation rite. Yes, some family members wish to be present prior to and upon the completion of a cremation. Although difficult for some people to grasp, others are privileged to be a part of the cremation.

"I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me. Because of you offering the live webcast, I was able to gain comfort and a sense of peace for my grandpa. God bless you both from the bottom of my heart, I am forever appreciative. Thanks for providing such a beautiful service." ~B.G.

Secure Online Simulcast

At Evans Funeral Home we know that watching a live funeral webcast will never take the place of actually being present; however we have seen an ever growing number of family members who would like to attend a funeral service but cannot attend due to health problems, military or work obligations or even financial constraints. In 2007, Evans Funeral Home tackled these issues and became Ohio's first and Norwalk's sole provider in secure online funeral services, which has been a welcomed and appreciated addition.

Presently, Evans Funeral home offers live funeral webcasting using the latest in streaming technology. In March of 2010, our funeral home contracted Nationalwebcasts.com to install and support new, secure-streaming website equipment to give this much needed service to those we serve. Our live webcasts feature full streaming motion and sound. Now, you can be a part of your loved one's funeral service no matter where you are in the world.

On- And Off-Site Advance Funeral Planning

As you may know, a death in the family is truly a family crisis. By arranging in advance, your family can feel safe and secure without experiencing what can be overwhelming decisions during a grief–stricken period. Whether we meet you in your home, your care facility, our conference room, or for a cup of tea, you can plan an affordable funeral service once and for all. Planning your funeral in advance, whether weeks or years ahead of time is a gift to your family.

Ongoing Bereavement Aftercare Since 2005

The Evans' have been Norwalk's resource in complimentary bereavement aftercare since 2005. Because you and your family's well–being is of utmost importance, the Evans' complimentary six–week Serenity Seekers sessions, monthly Healing Hearts group and professional online self–help site were instituted with a goal to return happiness and hope to the heartbroken. Partnering with Stein Hospice in 2005, all sessions are facilitated by Ohio State Licensed Social Workers, giving rise to a privileged and local aftercare program.


More Distinctive Services Set Us Apart

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Vital Record Application

Out–Of–Town Service?

We are your airline certified, local resource linking you to out–of–town and out–of state funeral homes in the US and abroad. Whether providing services at Evans Funeral Home or arranging for transportation to another state, Canada or Mexico, all funeral details will be coordinated within 24–48 hours. Ask about our secure on–line simulcast service.

"After graduating from college, I couldn't wait to make Norwalk my home again." ~Jennifer

About The Owners, John and Jennifer Evans

John is an Ohio licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer with a long history in funeral service. Graduating with an associate degree in mortuary science and a bachelor of science in business and management, John has dedicated over 25 years to providing ethical funeral service. Along with his wife, Jennifer (Traczek) Evans, who graduated with a bachelor of arts in business administration and is also an Ohio licensed Funeral Director, they work together to ensure that your family experiences ease and comfort during a difficult and often uncertain time. Not only are John and Jennifer committed to funeral service, they are committed to the Norwalk community as avid and active civic leaders.

Be Confident In Us

Evans Funeral Home Professionals Are Ready For Your Call.

Evans Funeral Home is an independent, Norwalk family-owned business, well-known for its deep commitment to family, integrity, and affordable care. The 10,000 square foot East Main Street facility comfortably accommodates small and large gatherings. The Evans' dedicate their time creating a comfortable space for family and friends to gather, while celebrating a life lived.

The Evans' reputation for sincere and friendly hospitality is well received. Their greatest concern is taking care of you and your family by guiding with professionalism and compassion through a difficult and often uncertain time. Their concern continues long after your loss with ongoing, complimentary bereavement care aiming to return happiness and hope to the heartbroken.


There have been countless letters of appreciation submissions over the years.

I do want to thank both of you for your care and professionalism as we laid mother to rest. I was comforted by your thoughtfulness. I just received the card for the "seedling" that you had planted as a memorial to mom and I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness! That would have pleased mother. Thank you for your kindness!

~ The M. family

You were so thoughtful and nice to us. We will never forget that. Thank you.

~ B. & R.

We appreciate and thank you for your assistance and expression of sympathy.

~ the F. family

Our family thanks you for all your support as we worked through the business details during the loss of mom. You both made everything better because you gently and lovingly guided us through the process, anticipating all our needs and sharing your sense of humor. With much appreciation...

~ the L. family

Thank you from all of us for making this very hard time in our lives as easy as possible. You were very professional, yet personal, and followed through to the T.!

~ The L. Family

My husband and I would like to thank you for the wonderful treatment and professional
job that was done for our friend and "family member". This was the first time that we have been in your establishment and we're very impressed with the compassion that was shown to everyone. You made him look 10 years younger and the months of pain was gone off of his face. I hope that the family will take advantage of the bereavement service that you offer, too.

~ The W. family

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